Quick Financial Tips
September 5, 2012

Cash Counseling for College Students

It’s back to school season. For many college freshmen across the country, they’re also starting a new phase in their lives, complete with new responsibilities…fiscal responsibilities.

Since money (at least managing it) is probably the last thing on their minds, we’re here to help with a few tips to protect, save and monitor their savings.

Weekly Financial Tips

  1. Be wary of credit. Credit cards are great, but left unchecked, they’re a gateway to debt. Try using the Credit Karma app to stay on top of your card. It’ll give you free credit scores and notify you of major changes to your credit report.
  2. Rent, don’t buy. Books that is. If you’re taking a one-time class, rent the book and pocket the savings. It’s easier than ever with Amazon’s new textbook rental service.
  3. Get organized. You might have a calendar with notifications for classes, but what about your finances? Set up recurring reminders or text notifications to alert you when monthly bills are due.
  4. Take advantage of perks. Most movie theaters offer a student discount. Some restaurants do as well. Keep track of these deals and save big over time.