September 19, 2012

Safeguarding our grilling future

As I was grilling to celebrate the first weekend of college football, I looked at my feast and realized everything I was making would not be possible without a farmer.

Who would raise the beef for my burgers, the pork for my bratwurst, the corn for my tortilla chips, the barley for my… bread! Especially since college football wouldn’t be complete without a barbecue, I was again reminded how much we depend on the hard work of our nation’s farmers.

So, how can we help these great givers of beef? Glad you asked.

This week is National Farm Safety & Health Week organized by the National Education Center for Agriculture Safety. While we may only formally recognize farm safety one week each year, the safety messages should stick with us throughout the year.

The theme of this year’s farm safety week is “Agricultural Health and Safety: A Family Affair.” A farm isn’t only a business; it’s where farmers live and raise their children. Dangers of farm life don’t just impact farmers but their families, too. Luckily, we can help keep them safe.

COUNTRY Financial participates in National Farm Safety & Health Week by providing safety messages for each year’s theme. Here are a couple big takeaways this year:

  • If you don’t live on a farm, keep farmer safety in mind when on rural roadways. Be careful when passing slow-moving farm machines and watch carefully for signals from these vehicles.
  • For farmers, teach your children about safety at an early age and reinforce those lessons whenever possible. Safe children grow up to be safe adults.

I encourage everyone to check out our Farm Safety Week media kit for more information and safety tips. We have safety checklists for farmers and their families. For non-farmers, check out this blog post for more roadway safety tips.

Accidents may still happen on a farm, but with added awareness about farm safety, we can reduce the number of them. Let’s help keep a farmer safe; our grilling futures depend on it!


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