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During planting season, farmers work long hours and on tight deadlines. While some farmers may have already started planting, others whose crops are insured under the Federal Crop Insurance Program follow specific deadlines for getting corn and soybeans into the ground.


You’ve probably heard the phrase lightning never strikes the same place twice. So, why does the National Weather Service report the Empire State Building receives an average of 25 strikes per year?


You’re probably familiar with emergency kits, but what about “emergency kitty litter”?


Have you ever left a can of soda in the freezer? As the weather gets colder, frozen pipes can expand the same way, and eventually burst


Two and a half minutes – that’s all it takes for a candle’s flame to engulf an entire room.


Whether you own a yacht, small fishing boat, or are just along for the ride, safety is important. For smooth sailing, make sure you follow these tips: