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June 23, 2014

When the sky starts rumbling and flashing, you might be the type to nervously turn up your music and pretend you can’t hear anything. Or maybe you’re the type to step outside for a better look – well, both of these responses are dangerous! Every year, lightning strikes the ground approximately 25 million times and costs nearly $1 billion in insurance losses. In honor of National Weather Service’s Lightning Safety Awareness Week, here’s some tips to stay safe when lightning strikes: Have an electrician install a whole house surge protector on your breaker panel Each lightning strike can produce 1 …

October 30, 2013

Winter – it’s a season full of cooking, presents, and fires

September 19, 2012

As I was grilling, I looked at my feast and realized it wouldn’t be possible without a farmer.

January 31, 2012

The ground starts shaking. The vibrations jolt you into action. It’s an earthquake! Quick ­– what are you supposed to do? If you’re in certain parts of the nation, like the Midwest, your earthquake skills might be a little rusty. With February being Earthquake Awareness Month, this is the perfect time to get prepared.

January 10, 2012

We are in winter, right? For the last two weeks, when I stepped outside, it was 40+ degrees. Mother Nature was seemingly giving us a break from the early onset of winter. Today, we got a glimpse of the cold weather to come. Now’s the time to prepare your home for the inevitable icy onslaught.

December 16, 2011

Imagine yourself in New Madrid, Missouri. It’s Dec. 16, 1811. Without warning, you hear a tremendous noise. The ground shakes and fissures. The rumbling intensifies. Your house groans as if about to collapse. You run outside. Trees are falling, and birds are screeching. What’s happening?