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Those working in retirement are less likely to be living the retirement they’ve always dreamed of. In our latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index (CFSI) survey we discovered 67 percent of fully retired Americans are living it up in their golden years – while only 49 percent of those still clocking in and out on a part-time basis can say the same. Some of the reasons those who say their retirement is different than they had hoped claim it’s because of the following: 59 percent of those fully retired do not have enough money to pay for the things they’d like …


More Americans uninterested in wedding day debts that linger on With the national average cost of a wedding reaching just over $30,000 last year – COUNTRY Financial thought we’d hear from Americans during the start of this wedding season to see how they feel about the price tag of saying, “I do.” In the latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index (CFSI) survey we found more than three-fourths or 86 percent of Americans surveyed believe that the average wedding price tag is just too much to fork over. On average, only 11 percent believe it’s an acceptable amount to spend. Make more, …


Americans are showing a solid start to 2016 in terms of their ability to keep on top of their finances. In the latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index (CFSI) survey we found positive trends in Americans’ budgeting, debt management and savings habits. COUNTRY Financial® gauged levels of financial order through nine questions about Americans’ knowledge of their overall financial picture. “Just in time for spring cleaning – we wanted to know how Americans measure up on their monitoring and maintenance of their personal finances,” said Joe Buhrmann, manager of financial security at COUNTRY Financial. “While many seem to be on top …


This wariness comes on the heels of a slight dip in the most recent measure of overall financial security by COUNTRY Financial taken in December 2015.


Americans care more than you might think when it comes to their partner’s finances.


More Americans seeing a dip in confidence when it comes to debt management The past six months or so have led to a slight dip in consumer confidence in terms of debt management and their ability to pay their bills. The findings come from the latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey. Earlier this year, 79 percent of men and women felt they were on top of their debt payments. Now that number is slightly lower at 74 percent, with fewer men and women convinced they can pay their debts as they come due. Again we find younger Americans are the …